Study of a cowering Figure

Joseph Führich

Kratzau/Böhmen 1800 - 1876 Wien

Study of a cowering Figure

Figure study for the fresco 'Rinaldo and Armida' of the Casino Massimo in Rome, 1827

12 x 16,7 cm

We kindly thank Hinrich Sieveking for the confirmation of the attribution.
A comparable drawing is published in Kurt Gerstenberg and Paul Ortwin Rave, Die Wandgemälde der deutschen Romantiker im Casino Massimo zu Rom, Berlin 1934, p. 99, ill. 81.

For literature concerning the fresco see exhib. cat. I Nazareni a Roma, Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Rome, January 22 - March 22, 1981, ill. p. 405 and Gerstenberg/Rave, Berlin 1934, ill. no. 31

Private collection, Germany