Grande Tete, 1955-60

Alberto Giacometti

Borgonovo 1901 - 1966 Chur

Grande Tete, 1955-60

Ball point pen in black
44,5 x 32 cm

The drawing is registered in the 'Alberto Giacometti'-Archive at the Swiss Institute for Art Research, Zurich (SIK - ISEA) no. 75223.
With a certificate of authenticity by Bruno Giacometti, dated January 21, 2005.

Giacometti was greatly influenced by Egyptian antiquities. Our drawing is most probably inspired by the Roman Egypt Fayum mummy portraits such as "Portrait dit d'Ammonios" in the Louvre (Inv. E12581).

James Lord, Alberto Giacometti. Disegni, Milan 1990, no. 54, p. 70, ill.

Bruno Giacometti, Zollikon (by inheritance)
Peter Coray, Lugano
Galerie de France, Paris
Private collection, Switzerland