The Children of Baron Grainger, 1808

Peter von Cornelius

Düsseldorf 1783 - 1867 Berlin

The Children of Baron Grainger, 1808


Oil on canvas
147,5 x 118 cm

The preparatory drawing, representing the composition of our painting with numerous differing details, was recently discovered.

In this romantic allegory of childhood Cornelius displays a related spirit to Otto Runge's portrait of the 'Hülsenbecksche Kinder' (1805-06). There is also a forceful echo of English portraiture, particularly of Reynolds and Zoffany.
The Grainger family had Welsh origins.

An extensive text by Helmut Börsch-Supan is in preparation.

Ernst Förster, Peter Cornelius, Berlin 1874, p. 53f (extensive description of the picture and the related drawing)
Christian Eckert, Peter Cornelius, Bielefeld 1906, p. 9 (our picture listed)

Family Granger-Twysog, Wales/Düsseldorf
Private collection, Spain